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At Gary Johnson's Accounting and Tax Service we provide exceptional services to the everyday Individual and Business, by offering the right style of accounting to fit your daily functions.
We offer everything from streamlined bookkeeping to advanced financial reporting.
Make the most of your exemptions . Stress free year round services provided for businesses and individuals.
Our payroll packages include mandatory tax filings and payment submissions to local, state and federal tax agencies.
Audit & Assurance
Verify your company's financial stability with our independent third party auditing.

Meet Gary Johnson

I've served in my industry for over 15 years and had the pleasure of providing professional accounting services to many Fortune 500 companies. It was also during this time that I realized a lot of Small Business owners were not getting the accounting support and value they deserved. Many working class citizens weren't aware of all of the exemptions and allowances available to them.
It was in this need Gary Johnson's Accounting and Tax Service core value was born. I founded my company on the principle every client that walked through my door would receive strategic tax planning or advice and extensive guidance to help them meet their financial goals.
I value every one of my clients and I take their success personally. Give me the opportunity, I would love to earn your business.

Gary Johnson

Principal & Founder

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We can help!
Are you a business owner having problems maintaining the daily grind of keeping up with your receipts?
We provide Bookkeeping and Accounting Services that takes care of the technical stuff behind the scene. This way you can focus on building and expanding your brand.
We can help!
Tired of feeling that disconnect with other tax services?
Using do it yourself online tax software can't help you produce a future outlook on how to build and save money. That's where our professionals come into play; we provide consultation services that will give you the expertise needed to help keep you and/or your business profitable.


We guarantee to make the most of the exemptions and allowances available to you. We will go over your current financial plan and help you with planning and follow through to meeting your financial goals.

Professional Tax Accountant vs Do It Yourself Software
A struggle that many people experience at tax time is deciding whether to do their own taxes or hire a tax pro. To reach the correct decision - and make this tax time a less stressful experience - it's important to understand the different types of tax professionals, and the pro's and con's each one brings to tax preparation.
10 Things to Ask your Accountant if you own a business
Filing taxes is a stressful event for most people but it can be especially so for small business owners. If this is your first year running a business, then you will need to be aware of some questions that are specific to filing taxes for businesses. Here are ten of the most important tax return questions for small business owners.
What to do before tax year ends
There are many tax-saving steps that can be taken before the end of this year so we put together a checklist of the most important actions that should be taken before Dec 31, 2018 to save on taxes. If you are our client, rest assured, we will make sure to make the most of exemptions and allowances available to you.

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